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Practising ECAM drills in real time and in a non-pressurised environment develops a confidence in ECAM which I believe I will carry with me if and when it matters

Captain Simeon Robbie, GB Airways

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Winglet Media and the environment

Aviation is an industry which is striving to balance environmental issues with commercial demand for cheap and frequent flights. At Winglet we are doing our bit by offsetting all of our annual carbon emissions by sponsoring tree planting projects around the world.

10% Profits to good causes in aviation

Through our close links with the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators we have pledged 10% of our annual profits to good causes in aviation. Amongst other projects, our donations will help underprivileged inner city London children to experience the joys of glider flying, inspiring them to continue working hard and to reach their full potential.

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Significant discount for Aviation Safety Organisations

Everyone in aviation is concerned about safety, and at Winglet Media we are particularly proactive to this cause. We are the only training solution provider to offer a discount to UK based aviation safety organisations; ensuring they have access to cutting edge multimedia solutions to increase safety and reduce accident rates.