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Flightdeck Training

Flightdeck Training
Taking training out of the sim

Modern airline aircraft are built around a vast array of modern technology and complex electromechanical systems.

This move towards automated computer systems has reduced the reliance on the human flight crew; flight engineers have been replaced with complex aircraft monitoring systems, navigators are now redundant due to powerful navigation databases. In addition to their other duties, pilots are now required to supervise and interact with these cutting-edge systems to guarantee their correct operation and ensure a safe flight profile.

Aircraft manufacturers have also moved away from analogue flight instruments and replaced them with electronic "glass cockpit" displays. These displays provide a huge amount of dynamic information to the pilots who must learn how to interpret and filter this data correctly.

Getting to grips with these complex systems requires a significant amount of additional training, often carried out in the same expensive full flight simulator environments that are use to maintain the pilots' array of flying skills.

Our philosophy has been to take these training elements out of the simulator; enabling pilots to gain exposure and experience of these complex systems in a low cost yet effective training environment. This releases valuable simulator time to be used either for applications that require the full suite of simulator motion and functionality or to be reinvested into additional training tasks.

Our flightdeck training solutions have been proven to reduce the reliance on full flight simulators, reduce costs and increase the quality of pilot training.

We hope you enjoy exploring our flightdeck training solutions: