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Aircraft Virtual Tour

Aircraft Virtual Tour

What are aircraft visits?

All new and existing cabin crew are required to be familiar with the entire interior of each aircraft type they fly. This includes the location and operation of communication systems, customer service items, safety equipment and medical apparatus.

How aircraft familiarisation is usually acquired

For new cabin crew, knowledge is built up over a number of visits to the actual aircraft organised around the commercial flying schedule. Cabin Safety Managers organise all aspects of these visits, from scheduling the trainees time, arranging for Trainers to supervise the trainees and organising security passes. They also must ensure these visits do not interrupt the busy commercial flying program.

Why use our Aircraft Virtual Tour?

The Winglet Media Aircraft Virtual Tour greatly reduces the number of expensive and time consuming aircraft visits required to give trainees full familiarisation of all areas of the aircraft and its equipment. As the only fully internet based, bespoke virtual tour facility, it gives new and experienced cabin crew exposure to the aircraft cabin and equipment at any time from potentially any worldwide location whilst significantly reducing costs for the cabin crew training organisation. Using QuickTime VR software to create 3D photographic panoramics of each main area in the aircraft together with 'hotspots' allows users to look around the aircraft and select each item of equipment to learn about its operation in greater detail. Use of our virtual tour by new cabin crew will help them arrive better prepared for the start of their training course and aid in the consolidation of their aircraft knowledge away from the formal classroom environment. Experienced cabin crew will gain the ability to refresh their aircraft knowledge in an engaging, interactive way at their convenience.

Available for any commercial aircraft (currently in use with the Airbus A320 family)

Benefits for:

  • Reduction in Aircraft visits
  • Reduction in associated training costs (Safety Trainer time, transport, expenses etc)
  • Reduction in logistical management (security passes, transport etc)
  • Increase in training quality and success rates
  • Bespoke & Flexible solution; custom-made to each client's aircraft fleet
  • Instantaneous updates across entire training network
  • No training schedule required and no limit to simultaneous users
  • Company wide aircraft familiarisation training requirements in one solution
  • Develop and maintain aircraft familiarisation with zero pressure outside the normal recurrent/initial course schedule
  • Your computer becomes a virtual aircraft cabin on demand, at any time, in any location
  • CDROM*, Intranet or Internet Delivery (*specific solutions only)
  • No maintenance issues and virtually zero "down-time"
  • No requirement for a dedicated training facility or specialised equipment
  • Easy and quick to set up

Minimum system requirements: Pentium III 800MHz, 256Mb RAM, Internet Connection - Dial-up or Broadband (except for CDROM solutions), single monitor, latest Adobe Flash, Shockwave and Apple QuickTime Players (downloaded free from the website)