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ECAM Trainer

ECAM Trainer
Taking ECAM out of the Sim

What is ECAM?

ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring) is at the heart of every modern Airbus aircraft. ECAM monitors all aircraft systems and alerts pilots to any malfunction, giving the actions required to resolve the situation. This powerful system requires pilots to have a thorough understanding of its operation and a high level of experience and discipline to ensure a successful outcome is achieved during abnormal conditions.

How are ECAM skills usually acquired?

A significant number of Fixed Base and Full Flight Simulator (FFS) sessions are spent developing and maintaining the required exposure to ECAM; the majority of time without needing the full suite of simulator functionality.

Why use our ECAM Trainer?

The Winglet Media ECAM Trainer entirely takes away the need for these expensive simulator sessions to develop the full array of ECAM skills. As the only fully internet based, bespoke ECAM training facility, it gives new and experienced pilots the opportunity to practice up to date ECAM drills at any time, from potentially any worldwide location whilst significantly reducing costs for the pilot training organisation.

Our ECAM Trainer is available as a custom-made solution for your Airbus conversion courses (ab-initio pilots), for recurrent training (experienced Airbus pilots) and to individual pilots on a subscription basis.

Available for A320 family, A330 and A340.

Benefits for:

  • Up to 15% simulator time saving on Airbus A320 conversion course
  • Reduction in associated training costs (Training Captain time, accommodation, transport, expenses etc)
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums due to reduced training risk and increased success rates
  • Significant increase in trainee pilot throughout and/or reduction in training costs
  • Bespoke & flexible solution; tailor-made to each client's SOPs and Airbus fleet
  • Instantaneous updates across entire training network
  • No ECAM training schedule required and no limit to simultaneous users
  • Company wide ECAM training requirements in one solution
  • Develop and maintain ECAM skills with zero pressure outside the normal recurrent/conversion course simulator schedule
  • Your computer becomes an ECAM training platform on demand, at any time, in any location
  • Perfect your SOPs and Callouts with bespoke Tutorials* (*specific solutions only)
  • CDROM*, Intranet or Internet Delivery (*specific solutions only)
  • No maintenance issues and virtually zero "down-time"
  • No requirement for a dedicated training facility or specialised equipment
  • Easy and quick to set up

Minimum system requirements:

PC: Pentium III 800MHz, 256Mb RAM, Internet Connection - Dial-up or Broadband (except for CDROM solutions), single monitor, latest Adobe Flash and Shockwave Players (downloaded free from the website)

Apple Mac: PowerPC Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or Higher, 256Mb RAM, Internet Connection - Dial-up or Broadband (except for CDROM solutions), latest Adobe Flash and Shockwave Players (downloaded free from the website)