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ECAM Trainer

ECAM Trainer for Recurrent Training
Taking ECAM out of the Sim

Experienced pilots are empowered to maintain their proficiency on ECAM skills and discipline outside of the standard 6 monthly / annual recurrent simulator checks. As the solution is internet based, it is available to trainers and pilots at any time from potentially any location, worldwide. In addition, these drills are always up to date as revisions are made instantaneously across the entire training network.

Our solution provides one portal for all the following training tasks:

  • Recurrent simulator pre-study
  • Command development courses
  • Command simulator pre-study
  • Simulator briefings and debriefings
  • Annual technical refreshers
  • AWOPS (All Weather Operations) training
  • Safety case studies
  • Annual SEP (Safety Equipment Procedures) training
  • CRM (Crew Resource Management) training

Customers receive detailed reports on usage and trends to help optimise their ongoing and future training strategy.

Our ECAM Trainer Recurrent Solution can be combined with its counterpart ECAM Trainer Conversion Course Solution in addition to the FMGC Trainer, Scan Flow Trainer and Groundschool Presentations to create a bespoke and seamless training suite.

Available for A320 family, A330, A340.