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ECAM Trainer for Individual pilots
Taking ECAM out of the Sim

The Individual Pilot's Edition brings all the benefits of our unique ECAM Trainer as used by our commercial customers to the general Airbus pilot population. Pilots can now train independently for their simulator online at anytime and from potentially any global location.

For the first time ever, individual pilots can now practice for their simulator courses in a low cost, low pressure yet highly realistic environment at their own pace. The online platform used by our product means that the ECAM Trainer is continually improved and updated in line with changes to SOPs and Aircraft modifications.

Our users have access to over 100 fully simulated and interactive ECAM Training modules and can choose between two different Airbus models; the A320 EIS I (CRT Screens) / IAE Engines and the A320 EISII (LCD Screens) / CFM Engines. This allows them to tailor the training to suit their own individual fleet and maximise the training benefit.

The software has been proven to improve technical and practical knowledge of the aircraft by allowing pilots to practice a range of abnormal/emergency scenarios at their own pace. Pilots therefore prepare quicker and better for their simulator sessions allowing them to gain better results and have a significantly higher level of confidence in operating the Airbus in abnormal conditions.

Whether you are completing a Conversion, Recurrent or Command course, to subscribe to this effective product and significantly improve your simulator results please visit our dedicated training portal at

Available for A320 family aircraft.

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