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ECAM Trainer

FMGC Trainer for Conversion Courses
Taking the FMGC out of the Sim

The FMGC Trainer Conversion Course Solution eliminates the requirement for expensive standalone free-play FMGC Trainers and can significantly reduce the number of Full Flight Simulator hours required on each Airbus Conversion Course. This leads to increased trainee pilot throughput and reduced costs. Pilots new to the Airbus receive focused computer based training on the required FMGC skills prior to each simulator session reflecting exact SOPs, flightdeck ergonomics and layout.

Comprehensive tutorials with voiceovers guide pilots through the successful completion of each FMGC task. They can then practice each element in a zero pressure, low cost environment to perfect these skills and reduce the learning curve prior to their simulator session.

Pilots become fully proficient FMGC operators with zero Training Captain tuition, no accommodation or travel costs, reduced simulator time and less groundschool days. Each pilot will be ready for line training up to 1 day earlier than with a conventional conversion course.

Each customer receives a tailor made solution and can specify the most appropriate delivery method for their particular needs: CDROM, Intranet or Internet delivery.

Our FMGC Trainer Conversion Course Solution can be combined with its counterpart FMGC Trainer Recurrent solution in addition to the ECAM Trainer, Scan Flow Trainer and Groundschool Presentations to create a bespoke and seamless training suite.

Available for A320 family, A330, A340.