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Groundschool Presentations

We combine rich media formats to deliver interactive and captivating training presentations to flightdeck personnel. We always match the best media format for each particular task to ensure your audience enjoy their training sessions and maximise their potential.

We create bespoke presentations containing the following rich media formats:

  • Photography
  • Animations
  • Interactive graphics
  • 4D Satellite Imagery
  • Video
  • Screenshots
  • Voiceovers

Our groundschool presentations are in use in the following training areas:

  • Command development courses
  • Conversion course simulator briefings and debriefings
  • Recurrent simulator briefings and debriefings
  • Annual technical refreshers
  • AWOPS (All Weather Operations) training
  • Induction courses
  • SOP training
  • Aircraft groundschool
  • Safety case studies
  • Annual SEP (Safety Equipment Procedures) training
  • CRM (Crew Resource Management) training

Our Groundschool Presentations are available on CDROM, Intranet or Internet delivery. They are designed to be run in a classroom environment or for self study distance learning and can be combined with the ECAM Trainer, FMGC Trainer and Scan Flow Trainer to create a bespoke seamless training suite.