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Practising ECAM drills in real time and in a non-pressurised environment develops a confidence in ECAM which I believe I will carry with me if and when it matters

Captain Simeon Robbie, GB Airways

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GB Airways


GB Airways Case Study

GB Airways operate 15 Airbus A320 family aircraft from their main bases at London Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester in the UK to over 30 destinations as a franchise of British Airways. They have more than 200 pilots completing around 60 flights per day to some of the most demanding airports in Southern Europe including Gibraltar, Innsbruck and Madeira.

GB Airways became the official launch customer to the Winglet Media ECAM Trainer in April 2006. As a company who complete conversion courses and recurrent training in-house, they wanted a solution which would give them a single product capable of delivering benefits across their entire training network.

We created a bespoke ECAM Trainer solution to deliver CDROM based ECAM conversion training to their new pilots, and internet based recurrent ECAM training to their workforce of Airbus pilots through their established company intranet.

The success of Winglet’s solution has allowed GB Airways to redesign their Airbus conversion course, reducing it by 8 Full Flight Simulator hours (2 Simulator details) whilst simultaneously increasing the quality of training. Significant savings have been made in addition to pilots gaining qualification 2 days earlier than previous, increasing the airline’s overall workforce productivity. In recurrent training, there has been a marked improvement in ECAM discipline allowing more complex training scenarios to be practiced and this has had a huge effect on overall training quality.


Hear from:

  • "Winglet Media provided us with a solution that has simultaneously increased training quality whilst reducing our reliance on expensive Full Flight Simulators. We have seen a marked improvement in the ECAM skills of both our new and experienced pilots, leading to enriched training experiences and lower costs."
  • Captain Trevor Grant, Flight Training Manager, GB Airways
  • "The ECAM Trainer is a valuable tool that is easy to use, promotes ECAM discipline and situational awareness and is an accurate representation of the aircraft in both design and content. Any anomalies have been dealt with promptly, answered with technical clarity and incorporated in the product ensuring it evolves accurately."
  • Captain Ian Mitchell, Training Captain, GB Airways
  • "I have found ECAM Trainer invaluable in giving me a greater understanding of ECAM and confidence in the ability of ECAM to assist in diagnosing and solving a variety of technical problems. The ECAM Trainer covers a range of drills, from those we may experience on a near daily basis to those for which we need to prepare ourselves, but which we hope we will only experience every six months in the simulator."
  • Captain Simeon Robbie, GB Airways
  • "The ECAM Trainer has proved to be a reliable and efficient piece of software, and is a valued training tool for our pilots. It is simple to set up requiring a few easy-to-download plug-ins. Winglet Media have been excellent; there has been no software downtime and any technical issues have been dealt with quickly and professionally."
  • Justin Rosemeyer, IT Support Technician, GB Airways

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